Conquering your first club ride – Steve Goldberg

Conquering your first club ride

Last Sunday July 3rd a group of us did the ride from Brossard to Rougement. This is a great ride with lots of beautiful scenery and varied terrain. What a great way for a new member to get initiated to group riding and the CCB?

The new member in question is Nathalie Giroux. She was invited to join the ride by Roger who she met along with other CCB’ers while spinning at the Pointe-Claire YMCA. Over the last few years of spinning classes she also learned about the benefits of road cycling with the club.

So there she was in the parking lot on Sunday July 3rd, which for most of us was already mid-season. The fact is that Nathalie had just bought her new Trek only one month ago and this was to be her second ride on a road bike and her first with the club.

Roger suggested she join our “experienced riders group” so we doubtfully invited her along.

The long ride turned out to be 110 km’s and featured two good climbs. This along with the blistering sun and some decent headwinds on the return route made our average of 26 km an hour ride quite challenging.

But Nathalie managed to hang on and was even ready to do more. Congratulations Nathalie Giroux for meeting the challenge of the ride and for still smiling at the end.  Oh and welcome to the club!

Steve Goldberg