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Club Statement +

Club Cycliste Beaconsfield (CCB) is a volunteer-run organization that brings together recreational road cycling enthusiasts who aim to ride in a safe and social setting. To get the maximum benefit and enjoyment out of club activities, all CCBers, especially new ones and those with limited group riding experience, are strongly encouraged to participate in the club's early season training program that consists of Group Leader Rides and the Clinics.  The vast majority of members ride road bicycles (i.e. racing style).  Recumbent, front disk wheel, aerobar and bullhorn handlebar equipped bicycles are prohibited.  Hybrids, mountain bikes and tandems are not suitable for the type of riding the club does and their use is discouraged.  Helmets are mandatory for all rides.

Who can become a CCB Member? +

Any road cycling enthusiast who aims to ride in a safe and social setting. We have cyclists of all calibers riding at speeds from 20 km/h to 33 km/h and more. The club has regular rides on weekends and on weekdays. Most of the club rides start in the West Island of Montreal with many Drive & Cycles that start a bit everywhere (often near the US border - the roads in the US have a lot less potholes...). The Club also organizes a few weekends in very scenic areas (Lake Placid, Stowe, Finger Lakes, etc.) with very low road traffic.

What is the membership cost? +

Membership cost is $50.  If you register before March 1st, cost is only $40.

Is there a minimum age requirement to join the Beaconsfield cycling Club? +

 Yes, there is. Club policy requires that prospective Members must be 18 years of age or older to join the Beaconsfield.

Who do I contact for new member inquiries? +

If you have unanswered questions about joining the CCB (after reading all the FAQ items), please send an email to info@clubcycliste.com.

How do I register? +

Here are the steps to register.

1) You need to create an account on the new website by clicking the Create an account link in the login box on the left hand side on the screen.  In the form, you need to enter your email address, name, select a username and password.  The username must be unique, so if it is already used, you will be prompted to select another one.  The password must be at least 6 characters in length.  Once you click the Create Account button, an activation email will be sent to you.  You need to click on the link provided in the email to activate your account.  Without activation, you will not be able to login.

2) To register, you first need to login into the website.  Once logged in, a Registration button will appear in the top navigation bar.  Click the Registration button.  Please fill out all fields of the form and then click the Register button at the bottom.

3) The last step is payment.  A Paypal page with a Paypal button will show up after you click the Register button.  Click the Paypal button to proceed with the Payment.  Once the Payment is complete, you will receive an email from Paypal confirming your Payment and also an email from the CCB confirming that you are now an official member of the club for the season.

What is the outdoor clinic? +

Following the indoor sessions, we stage a series of outdoor on the bike clinics. These clinics are for all new members, be they experienced group riders or not. We will cover individual bike handling skills, group riding theory and practice, and explain BCC group riding etiquette. The clinic takes about 2 hours.

New members are required to attend at least one of these clinics before their first BCC group ride.

Any member is invited to attend more than one of the sessions if they wish to build their skills up further. Returning members who want to brush up on their skills are welcomed.

What do I need to bring to the outdoor clinic? As you will be practicing group riding technique, you need to come as if you were riding your bicycle, ie you need to dress as a cyclist and come with your road bike and helmet. Yes, the helmet is mandatory whenever you are on your bike at an official club event.

What are Group Leader rides? +

From early April to the end of May, veteran club members are volunteering as group leaders, sharing their cycling experience and their knowledge of the rules of the Club with the riders in their groups. The leaders works to keep the group a safe size and moving effectively. While it is up to each individual cyclist to have an enjoyable and safe ride, the leaders can help with useful tips and advice, and their instructions should be followed.

The Group Leader Ride Program is a must for new members. This is a great place to meet Club members and most importantly, find cyclists that rides at the speed of interest to you. We suggest that you try different groups and meet as many people as possible.

What is a Drive and Cycle (D&C)? +

A Drive and Cycle is a ride that involves driving to the starting point, typically for 30 minutes or more. Some hardcore CCB members ride their bikes to and from the starting point.

The advantage is that the selection of quiet, well paved roads is greater when we drive further out of the city. However, if you prefer the convenience of riding closer by, or if you are short on time, a lot of local rides are also available.

What is the purpose of the forum? +

The forum is a discussion area where members can organize rides, sell and look for second hand bike related items or socialize. 

 Please do not advertise rides on the forum that conflict with official CCB rides, whether local or Drive and Cycles.

To access the forum, you need to login the web site and you need to have paid your yearly CCB memberhisp fee.

What information will I find on the web site? +
  • The calendar with start time, start location, link to maps of the Club's activities.
  • A latest news section with links to all communications and news.
  • The maps and the rides description of the many club's tours.
  • The articles published in the Freewheel.
  • Pictures of club activities.
  • A link page to connect with other clubs or organizations sharing the same interests.
  • A contact page with email addresses to get in touch with the executive members.
  • A Forum to exchange about rides, to sell bicycle equipment or to socialize.
How do I make a reservation for an event? +

TBD.  Come back for details!

Can I buy club clothing? +

Yes you can. The club sells only clothing with the club logo. This is what the club jersey looks like (it was recently redesigned). We sell jerseys, shorts and bibs. Please email clothing@clubcycliste.com if you would like to place an order.


Last year club clothing was the following.

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